Flux Mobility supplies all-wheel drive vehicle fleet

Flux Mobility delivers - Basel professional fire department receives all-electric four-wheel drive vehicle fleet.

Flux Mobility delivers - Basel professional fire department receives all-electric four-wheel drive vehicle fleet.

Winterthur, February 29, 2024 - Following a successful field test of the first fully electric all-wheel drive vehicle over several months, Flux Mobility has secured the order for eight more zero-emission vans and emergency vehicles for the Basel Fire Department.

The decision by the Canton of Basel-Stadt to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to "net zero" by 2037 has implications for the procurement of commercial vehicle fleets. Flux Mobility supports customers in meeting these challenges with its innovative approach.

High demands - ready for use at any time

In mid-August 2023, Flux Mobility handed over the first fully electric all-wheel drive vehicle to the Basel professional fire department for an intensive test phase under real-life conditions.

This vehicle is a special vehicle for rescue at height and depth. Special attention was paid to the all-wheel drive to ensure that the vehicle can manage almost any incline in Switzerland under all conditions (fully loaded, bad weather) and offers greater safety thanks to more traction. The climate control concept developed by Flux ensures an appropriate ambient temperature for the firefighters and their sensitive equipment, regardless of the weather. This means that they can keep a cool head in any situation. Fire engines are generally used over short distances under high loads. Nevertheless, the vehicle was tested for efficiency of the electric drive as well as behavior tests with a full load, blue light operation (190kW/258PS), braking behavior and maneuverability.

Patrick Sumi, project manager of the Basel professional fire department, explains:

"The Flux vehicles have passed all the tests in recent months and have convinced us even more with the option of direct power supply. Such functions can be a great relief for the task forces, especially in operations with long downtimes. The Flux teams provided us with close support throughout the entire test phase, enabling us to further adapt and optimize the vehicles to our needs beyond the test phase."

Professional fire department Basel

Individualized - tailored to your needs

The eight other all-electric fire engines will be equipped with different specifications. With the individualized solutions, Flux enables a seamless transition to emission-free mobility while ensuring the safety and functionality of the fire department fleet. The vehicles were developed together with the customer in close cooperation with Tony Brändle AG, the bodybuilder and specialist in the field of fire department, ambulance and police vehicles.

Severin Ganz, Marketing and Sales Manager at Flux Mobility, explains:

"When developing new technologies and drive concepts, good cooperation between the various project partners is key. The result confirms that together we were able to find an optimal solution for the customer.

About Flux Mobility AG

Flux Mobility AG, founded in April 2021 and based in Winterthur, develops high-quality light commercial vehicles with innovative, emission-free drive technologies. It also produces special vehicles. The basis for this is a flexible platform concept that enables the one-to-one replacement of diesel vehicles. Flux is thus playing a key pioneering role in the sustainable transformation of industrial mobility and is helping companies to exploit the potential of electromobility. Flux Mobility's customers include several of Switzerland's largest municipal companies.

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